3 weeks with a kindle

17 Apr 2012

When I purchased an amazon kindle, some people started to ask about how’s going with it and if it’s worth to buy one. I decided to write a review only after the first battery recharge, just to be quite sure I’ve used it enough. This happened after three weeks, so here’s my thoughts.

A new blog, more fun

13 Mar 2012

It was exactly one year ago, when I launched for the first time http://andreapavoni.com. Now I’m here with a shiny new website, powered with a custom blog engine and some stuff to show off :)

Store Rails views on database

12 Jun 2011

When it comes to develop a CMS, one of the main problems concerns where or how to store and organize views (templates, partials, layouts) for particular needs like different layouts for specific pages, (sub)domains or multi-languages.